Tab Express vs ATA


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I just recently read an article about Tab Express does anyone have any opinions on them? The article really talked them up but I would like to hear some feedback from others as well.
I visited Tab last October and got the full sales pitch from those guys. They have a great idea about training but the price their charging is a joke. The flight time in a King Air is a great idea but just not at that cost. I also felt they were using the money to fund other ventures such as their simulator business, new facilities, and newly created airline/cargo biz. Tab also seemed to be unorganized. Most importantly, Tab Express has not placed any of its students with a regional. Take it for what ever its worth and visit these flight schools. I've visited most the "big" name flight schools in the Florida area more than once, I would avoid Tab at this point.
The king air time at Tab seems to do nothing other than put the price up. If you can get a job for $45k flying recip multi's, what's the point in paying $60 for turboprops when it acheives the same goal?
Tab Express was recommended to me by a pilot recruiter from American/American Eagle whom I spoke with at the last Women in Aviation International- I had asked her what she thought of ATA and she told me about Tab without my even asking! I visited FlightSafety Vero Beach and ATA last January and Tab Express a few weeks ago (thank you Delta for promotional fares and SkyMiles) and I was impressed at how organized Tab was with their curriculum and their regional-specific training which is also not "pft".
Now about figuring out the money since I've been told I need a cosigner if I go the loan route.....There's an answer somewhere......
Interesting this person referred you to TAB...
My personal opinion: stay away. A former roommate of mine bailed out of ATA after completing Airstage I for TAB. While most of my classmates and myself got hired and started flying the line at Eagle and ASA, this person still had not been hired (not through any fault of his own at TAB). Don't know if he did get hired eventually.
They advertise American Eagle as a bridge partner, but I can tell you for a fact that not 1 person from TAB actually was hired by Eagle. My former roommate was going to interview at Eagle in Sept, but that obviously didn't happen. (Also interesting to note, had he stayed at ATA, he most likely would have interviewed long before Sept.)
I don't know if ATA is the place to go either these days, but I would stay clear of TAB, at least until they can give evidence of solid placement of graduates.