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You seem to be a supporter of TAB. Would you care to comment on the following statements from the TAB website?

"Your timing is right! According to the US Government and industry insiders, and a recent article written by the Journal of Commerce: "The airline industry will face a critical shortage of pilots, and mechanics during the next decade and may no longer be able to rely on traditional sources to supply them. The demand for experienced pilots will remove the supply of workers entering the labor force."

This is an old quote from the late 90's, I believe. Don't think it applies in today's market.

In short "TAB Express First Officer graduates" are the standard by which airline applicants are now measured.

Gag me with a spoon....

And...TAB advertises a "bridge program" with American Eagle. Eagle hasn't hired in over a year and their contract allows flow back from furloughed American pilots.....Eagle won't be hiring off the street for some time.

Personally, I think TAB is way off base with their's what else is new in this industry.

What am I missing here?
I am no more a supporter of TAB than any other mass production line flight school.

Honestly? I think you must remember that they are a business, and their prime concern is separating the next starry-eyed, idealist, pilot wannabe from his or hers, or Daddy's hard earned cash.

In order to stay in business they must produce a good product. I know several of the TAB instructors and they are all top notch in my book, so if you don't mind being fleeced for your dreams, then TAB is as good as any of the other pilot factories.
so if you don't mind being fleeced for your dreams

[/ QUOTE ]

I wonder if they will put this in any of their upcoming ads???
Doubt it - none of the other schools do

I guess you can figure out that I don't like pilot factories. I think they have directly contributed to the poor quality of life of airline pilots right now, since mgt knows there are literally thousands of 300 hr airline trained pilots out there for every full time pilot they have employed.

Imagine being a CEO. It must eat them up inside knowing they are paying someone 100k for a job that thousands of pilots would do for less than half of that.

If we close all the pilot factories in FL in about 5 years having a commercial pilots license would be a valuable commodity!

Too bad it will never happen.

By the way, I learned to fly in a private group.

It is NOT a flight school.
I guess my view with TAB is they cross the line with their advertising statements. They may be a business but does that make it right for them to mislead students. I notice Doug doesn't have an RAA or TAB banner ads...I wonder why? Personally, I don't like to see flight schools draw in the young wannabes with misleading advertising and false statements.