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1. Complete private-comm multi inst with training dept. - come out with 250 logged hrs. - $95,000
2. Pay 20g's for the opportunity to fly right seat in their 1900 when (and if) the airline starts - BTW I belive its 135, not 121.
3. "Build time" being a gear biatch with Tab's airline.
4. At 500 hrs go to Colgan and pay another 20g's to be a gear biatch. You also have the opportunity to go to Eagle I believe.

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Okay, I'm bad at math, but is that $135,000 total?!?! Dude, I better get a house and a degree along with a GUARANTEED job if I pay that much cash.

Not sure I'd like to fly them though (as pax) because they're advertising students on board!! Crazy if they think the public will except it !!

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Well, Joe Average thinks the FO is a pilot in training anyway.....


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You guys better stop bagging on my favorite airline.............

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I thought Mesa was your favorite airline.


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Mike is being like Kerry and saying whatever will please the crowd/forum he is with.


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Hi Everyone,

I'm glad I found this site before I enrolled at TAB. I thought I was making I good choice
but like you said it is a lot of money. I came from South America to get my training in
the USA but I'm so overwhelm with all these schools that promise you so much and at the end
you are left with a big loan to pay back. Is it worth just to take the Professional pilot training at Tab
without the 4 year reimbursement offer because of the Beech 90's training? or shall I
pursue going to a different place that is more reasonable priced like ATP, Flight Safety Academy, Sierra Academy,
Pan Am., etc.
Any suggestions ? Any ex TAB student that can tell me his/her experiences about the school? Thank you
for all the feedback that I can get from all of you.


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I freshly posted a thread you might want to look at over in the ERAU forum CLICK HERE.

It all depends on what you're looking for. Probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but one I think is very honest.


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well if you really want to waste all that money while the owners laugh at you all the way to the bank then be my guest. Your the one that will be stuck with the loan payments not me so if you really want to screw yourself go for it. They may survive and they may not but in the end it all comes down to they get to buy boats and live lives of luxury while they sucker everyone else in by promising them the world. If the place goes bankrupt you get stuckwith the loan while they probably run off and hide somewhere. Does this really sound that appealing to you all for the chance to get some turboprop f/o time with no guaranteed job or guarantee they will even be in buisness in 3 years?


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Hi George,

Its been a very long day. (I hate LGA) I'm afriad I can't post my entire thoughts on the whole thing. I am what you would call a survivor. I went there, made it through, and got the h*ll out as quickly as I could. Many others did they same.

I refer you to a response I posted in another thread. CLICK HERE

Best of luck in whatever you decide. You'll love the aviation career, though. Even the worst days are some of the best.