T-shirts with top ten sayings from previous Network JCs?


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well, i had to cut it down to top five - because the first one is oh so long for a tshirt!!

ok...so we have:

NetworkJC 2004 Top Five Quotes:

1) "Guys, no matter how drunk we get, no matter what we say, DO NOT let me and Emily get married this weekend"
2) "JD's Single, clean and disease free"
3) "We'll be right back...we're going to get the truck"
4) "I'm in the rental business"
5) "Hon, she's portable"

I was thinking that there was a quote last year about being an underglamorized bus driver or something to that effect?

I really wanna put the "my mom's a MILF" in there but if Russ says no.. then ok.. but i think it's very appropriate and would make the top #1 spot!!

anyone else remember any quotes of "major significance" that might beat out these top five?


If specified, this will replace the title that
"Where's pilot602?"

(wishful thinking)

[/ QUOTE ]I think it's actually "his plane broke down again?"

btw - any news on the new 2005 NJC picture?? I'll be needing it by end of August.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah it'll be done. Just gotta find a few fonts and let ya choose which one ya like. Going with the original picture as per your request.