T-1 day to Checkride


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Hey folks, My IFR Check ride is this Tuesday at 9am. I've been studying a ton and feel ok with everything. Lots of chair flying. It's in a great plane that I've flown alot in, The real one not the one I fly in my head sitting in my chair. about 45 hour simulated instrument time, 20 hours in the sim, and 5 hours actual. Including two approaches down to minnimuns. (Loc and ILS, Landed the ILS, couldent land the Loc, Hell coulden't even see the airport). But I wanted to ask out there if there is anything that you wish you had know going into your ride? I did my ppl with this examiner so that helps. Thanks in advance and I'll let you all know how it goes.
One of the big things that I wish I had known going into my IFR checkride was the significance of TDZE (Touch Down Zone Elevation).

PM me if you have any questions
That's the answer that got me into trouble. Knowing the TDZE is important because: if upon reaching the DA on an ILS you can only see the Approach Lighting System for that runway you may continue descending through the DA down to 100FT above the TDZE. If upon reaching an altitude of 100FT above your TDZE you can see any of the runway environment (i.e. Runway centerline lights) you may descend and land as long as the visibilty at the airport adheres to the visibility minimums for said ILS approach.

I hope that makes sense. It's late :)
IFR checkride was easy and fun, I love that stuff!

I'm no CFI but PM with any questions, just took mine about 6 months ago.