Syrian A320 Lands Safely after Helicopter Midair


My member is well-known.
It's amazing the amount of damage some aircraft can take and still remain at least somewhat flyable. An A320 vs an MI-8. MI-8 crashed, A320 returned safely.

Sounds like some Syrian rebels unkowingly marked for destruction lived to fight another day! ...thanks to some French intervention =P
I'm surprised they had commercial flights with a civil war going on. I know it is in certain areas, but there have been stories of the Damascus Airport being taken over by rebels and flights diverting due to this.
screw going to Syria for the foreseeable future. I wouldn't go there even if an airline in Syria promised me a shiny new jet job. Pilots in other countries who think they have problems should take note of these guys.
When I first saw the picture when the story came out, I was pretty shocked. And over here we complain about flow, sheesh.
Wow...Had the vert. stab. torn anymore, we probably would have another AA 587 on our hands. Good on the crew fr getting it down.