SWISS joins oneworld alliance


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Swiss International to join oneworld airline alliance

September 23, 2003
Swiss International Air Lines has today accepted an invitation to join the oneworld™ alliance.

It was formally voted on board as the ninth carrier in the leading international airline grouping after signing with founding oneworld member British Airways a memorandum of understanding to establish a wide-ranging commercial agreement. (For details of this, see separate BA-SWISS news release issued today.)

This complements co-operative links established during the past year with virtually all the alliance’s other partners. These include an extensive marketing alliance with American Airlines, covered by US anti-trust immunity, and code-sharing and/or frequent flyer links with Aer Lingus, Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair, Iberia and Qantas. LanChile is oneworld’s other existing partner.

Work will now begin on the necessary preparations for SWISS to be a fully-fledged part of oneworld. Connecting its IT systems to those of its new partners, training its employees to deliver oneworld products and customer support and the other necessary tasks will take several months to complete. From then, the airline will start offering oneworld services and benefits. This is expected to be during the early part of 2004.

Here is the complete url if you want to read the whole story.
I thought it was better for SWISS to join oneworld just like they have done. It would've been a pity to see them gone out of business or merge into Luthansa which was Luthansa's offer.
SWISS seem like a very cool airline, but they suck cause they're parking their less than 12 year old MD-11's in the desert and replacing them with A330/A340's.
My dad will be flying SWISS to Zurich this coming Tuesday! Lucky dude, getting a last chance to fly on a MD-11 before they all gone!

But hey it's way cool they're apart of ONEWORLD now!!!!!!
I like the MD-11's even though I've never flown on them before, but the closest that I could get to one was on American Airlines DC-10's a few times to Hawaii before they got rid of them too. As cash-strapped as SWISS is I don't understand how they're able to rid of their MD-11's & buy brand new A330's & A340's, unless there is plenty of details that I've missed out on.


Oh, by the way. Just in case you happen to vote for neither, you must really want for SWISS to go out of business.
Whoops I forgot to vote!!!! I just voted for the first option...happy?
Of course we wouldn't want SWISS going out of business.

Boggles my mind how they can replace their fleet also!!!