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What is the surf like in Vero?

What are some of the other activities that are good there? I am not looking to spend too much time in a gym.
Whats the surf like?......What surf is probably the answer.
Honestly it is •. Tipical east coast water, mainly beach breaks but it all rolls off shore and not that hard. The only mentional spot near Vero is Sebastion inlet and as much as locals praise it as the hottest spot for surf in Florida it is pretty lame. The park itself is filled with trash and the waves are random and haphazard. The break is a good distance off shore and plaqued with wave runners on a flat day and vicious currents when it does roll at all. If your lucky maybe a few secounds ride....

A side note. I have never lived any where else where wave running was considered such a sport. These people get out of control, what a sport you drink a case of beer, stretch a wetsuit over your fat a$$ and cruise around at 60 mph on a wave runner screaming HEEEEEYAAAAAA. Have to get home before Dukes of Hazards.....
I've been preparing for my move to Florida *very* carefully....I started watching NASCAR in an attempt to understand the local culture.

Chunk <--doesn't find racing around an oval exciting unless it's got a Merlin and a 4-bladed prop!