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Anybody here anything about this school lately. I figure that I am going to double major in Commercial Aviation and Computer Engineering Technology. I will only have to finish my commercial and CFI ratings there, and hopefully I can instruct in my junior and senior years. Has the aviation department improved the past couple of years?
Their aviation department is located about a half mile to a mile away from the school over at KFRG (Republic Airport). They have a very well kept fleet of aircraft and a nice operation. My buddy who goes there enjoys it and loves it, he says reserving aircraft is not a problem, however did say that sometimes the CFI's change quickly so you might not be able to have the same CFI for all ratings if that's what you desire. That's all I have heard or seen of them, maybe someone else has some more information than that.
I am a graduate of the program, and I instruct there. The school is part 141, and it differs from most major university programs because its smaller and much more personable, for example the chairperson, professors and chief pilot usually know everybody by 1st name...and its nice to not be just a number. Recently a new chairperson has been appointed as well as a new chief pilot. The new chief pilot seems to be really pointing the place in the right direction, and the program has some vast improvements on the horizon (like a new ops manual etc). The aircraft are immaculate, the maintenance crew take very good care of them. The cost of rental for the aircraft is also very low which is a definite plus. if you want to know any specifics just PM me.

also I see you are from SYR...there are actually a few ppl from SYR in the program.