Sunday Flying


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Sunday mornings we try and fly out for breakfast with some other folks, anywhere from 2 to 20 different airplanes. Yesterday was York PA. I have posted a few photos from the flight where we were overtaking (by +50kts) a piper Cherokee/warrior. The first time other than for training I had to reallllly slow down in flight quite interesting. If you have an interest you can see the photos HERE .

The Airport I fly out of is about 5 miles outside the Mode C for Newark Liberty airport. and with us at conditions dark orange, or whatever the actual shade is,, you can not fly inside the C veil without being on a flight plan and having a squawk. Many many VFR only guys are intimidated by this, which is too bad. Plus NY Appr is rarely VFR friendly. If you are over the SBJ vor, you are inside the “C” So yesterday as we were coming home, someone on the Unicom freq for the airport where the SBJ is co-located, called out.

“If anyone is at 2800ft over SBJ, NY appr is trying to reach you on 132.8”

Hummmmm let me think.. If it were me. Would I call the FAA…??


That is like stopping at the state police barracks when you get off the interstate..

“Hello Mr Trooper, here is 300$,”


“oh I was speeding for the last hour”