Sunbird Aviation


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I am looking to train in the Phoenix area and was wondering if anyone could share any experiences with Sunbird Aviation in Chandler.
I commented about them before. Search for my posts and you'll find it. To sum it up: it's a good school, decent planes, online scheduling, control tower airport, they did all the sallie mae loan stuff, w/o me worrying at all, one of the cheaper schools in the valley, the only rent to students in their program so there's always a plane.
I did some time-building and my CSEL at Sunbird recently. More or less I was happy with the training and airplanes there. They only have one airplane there for Commercial (Piper Arrow) so if it goes down, it can mess things up. Everyone was very helpful there. Plus, I stayed at a house owned by an America West Captain for really cheap and it was all furnished..... made life really EASY!!!
Well, I'm a freelance instructor out of Sawyer Aviation at the Scottsdale aiport. I'd love to help you out with some flight training. And in an effort to find and keep students, and compete with all the businesses, I never charge students for any ground school! All they pay for is the plane rental and the 45 an hour instruction fee.
Yup, I stayed there. It is fully furnished with three bedrooms.. I was the only one there for three weeks. It was a GREAT deal... only a mile from CHD also.