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737 lands short in water, all 47 pax survive
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- All 47 passengers and crew survived a plane's crash landing in a Pacific lagoon Friday morning, wading through waist-deep water to the emergency exits and escaping on local boats that came to the rescue in the Micronesia archipelago.

Seven people were taken to a hospital, according to officials, including one described as being in critical but stable condition.

Passenger Bill Jaynes said the Air Niugini plane came in very low as it was attempting to land at the Chuuk Island airport.


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737’s are known for landing short of the runways at nice tropical destinations.

Cue Westjets go-around at St Martin....


They also tend to overrun or go off the side at nice, tropical destinations...AA at KIN and that Turkish one as examples

Im trying very hard to find it, but there is a video somewhere of someone trying to land on a runway with 737 parts on it, in a tropical destination, after one had just crashed.

EDIT! Here it is! AIRES 8250

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Random aviation trivia.... who can name the airline/incident when flying from SEA to LAX, the jet landed on the water while on approach to 07R?


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Maybe the crew wanted to try out that cool bushplane “waterskiing” stunt.