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I had a good conversation with someone "in the know" and I wanted to drop by the forum and am happy to say that this school has a genuine concern about your experience at their academy.

I didn't ask for permission to use a name.

If you've got suggestions, they're listening, and are eager to make positive improvements. It's my impression that they strive to maintain a high quality program and are very receptive to taking good care of their students. They seem low on "8x11 glossy page 'Flying Magazine' hype" and high on quality.

But, as we both agreed, this is YOUR forum, it is what you make it!
Yeah, can I get a summer internship with Warren Buffet's flight crew?


no, seriously.


I left there 9 weeks ago and out of the blue I get an e-mail asking me how things are going at my present job (they even remembered the FBO where I got hired) asked me to keep in touch and generally wanted to make sure things were going well. I can't reiterate enough how glad I am that I made the decision to attend the academy.
It's posts like these that help a guy feel a little better about spending 35-40 large on flight training.

Thanks for the posts!
3 words......PROP TURN TIMES! Although perhaps necessary with large student loads, they are simply ridiculous in todays environment with only about 200 or so students. I have no problems making myself fly. This would also help with the Nancy Woods of the area and all of the noise complaints. Not to mention 6AM Frascas in order to meet your instructors prop turn time is absurd.
Having left FSI for another school I can definitely say that they take care of you, and do have a genuine interest. In retrospect, FSI was a place that did live up to the highest expectations. There are things about FSI I will always miss, but prop turn will never be one of them! Especially now, with low enrollments. Everyone is back by lunchtime and the planes just sit the rest of the day.
Ditto on the prop turn times....with my old instructor back in steps 4,5 I was his only student so both our days were over by 1100. But during the summer months, I would definately rather fly at 0700 than 1500. FSA is a great place, top notch training and people...if we only had 200 more students I think morale and everything else would be so much better. I would definately liked to have been here pre-9/11 when (apparently- I was told this) AA Eagle, ASA, ACA, etc etc simply would show up in Vero and hire senior instructors.
I'll confess to being an "early riser," so maybe I'm a little different then most, but I loved getting an early prop turn time when I was at FlightSafety. Fresh airplane, no wait, weather better-as opposed to waiting for a plane (maybe not an issue now), #5 for departure in the sweltering heat, afternoon wx I had the rest of the day off to hang out in the pool with my family. Just a different perspective, I guess.

PROP TURN TIMES! Although perhaps necessary with large student loads, they are simply ridiculous in todays environment

[/ QUOTE ]

Maybe there's getting you ready for all those 5am hotel pick ups you'll have to deal with later in your career?
Maybe there's getting you ready for all those 5am hotel pick ups you'll have to deal with later in your career?

[/ QUOTE ]

Hahaha, thats what my instructor used to say when I'd grumble about getting up at 0430 to meet prop turn times.

It is nice though, especially in the summer, flying early.
I feel the same as everyone else here. The decision to attend FlightSafety was the best I ever made. Prop turn times were not always fun but it does leave you plenty of time to enjoy the beach, etc. Good luck to all attending.
I never even noticed the "prop turn time" policy when I was there last year. My instructor and I just scheduled when we could and went. I knew there was some guideline, but I never even knew what it was.
There are some who try to abide by the spirit of the law, then those who schedule briefs early and then just do them later. Or if it's a flight, just delay and not pick up.

I've had both.

That is early, but not too uncommon in the airline world.

At Delta, we've 5 simulator periods. Luckily, this recurrent season, I'm on "B" periods, but they go like this:

Sim Report Brief Simulator
Period Time Time Time
A 0500 0500-0630 0630-1030
B 0920 0920-1050 1050-1450
C 1340 1340-1510 1510-1910
D 1800 1800-1930 1930-2330
E 2220 2220-2350 2350-0350
I guess if you're getting paid to show up at your airline gig its not as bad as when you are the student(customer) dishing out the cash and there is no sound rationale to do it other than "thats the way we've been doing it since <insert year>"
I will have to agree with everyone that FSA is top notch and that they really do care about their student's. I too get the every so often email asking how things are going and do appreciate getting it. I recently left FSA and already miss the academy and all of the staff. I have been to the academy two times from the West Coast and would go back for a third time (when ASA starts again

have you ever toured the academy? Just curious. If not, you should go sometime. It's nice...

Be sure to take a look at the ASA program and SAAB SIM...ILS
So ILS how'd your ASA interview thing go? What ratings you got now and what does the future hold? I was hopeing you'd still be there when I arrived.
Let me just say that I too am extremely pleased with my FSI decision and training. I will finish the program soon both ahead of schedule and well under budget, and feel that I have gotten some of the best training that I could, but you asked for suggestions...

Why is it the Academy will trust us with a $400,000 airplane, but not trust the students to have a drink in the classroom? After a three hour X/C flight @ 6 or 7AM, I am going to need that cup of coffee or can of soda to make it through the 1-5PM class!
Snowman, I too was hoping to be there when you started. While waiting for my January interview with ASA I completed my CFII and MEI as a back up plan. Good thing because ASA decided to phase out 51 Brasilias (spell check please) which means they have to train those crews for the CRJ. This ultimately had a direct effect on our ASA program and it was put on hold again. They say next fall or the first of next year. I am next to interview so I will look you up when I come back to FSA for it. In the mean time, my wife and I were approved and recieved the financial backing to open 5-15 full service coffee bars with drive-thru's here in the Scottsdale area. It is a franchise out of Seattle very similar to a Starbucks. That is the main reason for coming back to Scottsdale so soon. It will work out wife will run the company and I will fly airplanes. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

About that no drink in the classroom policy at FSA...All though we are all adults and I am sure everyone would be very careful, there is always that one idiot that would spill a coke and the carpet would be ruined. I never complained about that when I was there because I have been in classrooms that had nasty carpet. If I remember correctly water was OK in the classroom.

Doug, how about that spell check feature I am sure you have been meaning to add to jetcareers?