Stupid Question for Doug

Hey doug,

What exactly do you mean by networking. I know that you always say that the biggest thing to having a successful career in the Airline business is networking. I just don't know what you mean by networking!

He means going out and meeting people in the business. The more people you know, the better chance you have of someone walking in your resume.
Start off by bringing a large spool of CAT-5 to each interview. Can't build a network without the right cable!

Actually, this kind of networking is about knowing the right people at a place you want to work, or knowing people who know the right people, or knowing people who know people who know the right people, and on and on...

A candidate who has received a recommendation from someone already at the company or someone who can sidebar with an interviewer has a much better chance of getting a thumbs up over someone who the interviewers have never heard of before prior to the interview.

How do you get a good press like that? Network! Get to know people. If someone knows you're looking for a job, and thinks well of you, they can do a lot to help you along over the shlub who goes straight from dispatch to the plane and they don't know.
Many airlines have a system in place for their pilots to recommend guys they know for an interview. At my airline, you won't get an interview without it.
You can never have too many friends in this business. There will be people in your new-hire class at your first airline that you won't see for 20 years, and then you'll literally walk into them in the terminal.
Never, ever burn a bridge, someone you screw over can turn up years later in the most unexpected places.