Stupid AFD tricks ...


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One day I was bored (imagine that) and I was looking through the back of the "Southwest" (AZ, NV, etc) AFD and noticed a warning that, well, seemed pretty ridiculous. It was something along the lines of "Beware of FALSE ATC transmissions." WTF? Some loser has a Ham Radio/ Transciever out here in the desert issuing fake/false ATC instructions and it's been going on long enought to make it into the friggin AFD!?

Gotta love the FAA!
Hey man, don't knock ham radio! That was my first big hobby. We're geeks but we're nice geeks. And I never have to look at the dots and dashes on the charts to understand the VOR IDs. My instructors never really believed me that I understood it and double checked it with their charts.
I actually heard of a guy that got arrested for sitting near the airport with his handheld giving false clearances to aircraft!!
Here's a funny one from the CFS (Canadian Flight Supplement - the Canuck AFD)

CFR - 5 1130-0330Z, O/T 2 hrs PNR

Decoded: Crash, fire and rescue services: level 5. Available 1130Z to 0330Z; other times 2 hours prior notice required.

Let's try to keep that in mind next time we're planning to crash there

They've changed it now though...