Student to Instructor ratio

If I had to guess, about 250-300 students. Maybe 70 instructors. I am more confident about the first number than the second number.

Let's put it this way. The vast majority of instructors have 2 students. Very few have 3 or more.

I haven't had any problems scheduling lessons at all....
At this point, I'm my instructor's only student. Hopefully for him, he'll p/u a couple more guys.

I have been here since July and my instructor has had no less than three students. At one point she had five, but has had four steady ones for the last couple months.
That's kind of abnormal. Granted, I've been away for awhile, but the IPs that I've talked to recently say that it's still very hard to get students.
You are right that it is rare, but it can be done. IMHO, my instructor is very good and has a 93% pass rate among her students. She is very thorough and teaches in a way that is helpful and easy to understand. She spends extra time with her students when they struggle and never signs you off for a checkride unless she is confident you can pass. This may contribute to the fact that she has four steady students. I was lucky to be assigned to her from the beginning.
I've talked to her a few times she seems to be very nice and knows her stuff very well. Your lucky....not that I have a problem with my instructor because I don't, but it's great to find somebody you "gel" with from the beginning who is also very knowlegable (sp?)