Student Pilot Crashes Into N.M. Jail


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Student Pilot Crashes Into N.M. Jail
POSTED: 2:04 PM EST January 23, 2004

FARMINGTON, N.M. -- A student pilot practicing takeoffs and landings in a small plane crashed through the roof of a police station, forcing the evacuation of 10 inmates.

The pilot, a student with Mesa Airlines' pilot development program, suffered head and facial injuries but was conscious when he was taken to a hospital Thursday night, said Fire Marshal Herb Veazey. No one inside the building was injured.

The pilot appeared to be preparing to land on a runway about 400 yards from the Farmington Police Department, Police Lt. Doug Kennedy said.

"I was pulling into the parking lot when I saw the plane veer straight up and come into the north end of the building," Sgt. Darin Hardy said.

The plane crashed into an area of the station that houses detectives. Two detectives were able to leave the building without injury. Ten adult inmates in nearby holding cells were transferred to a county jail.

The crash happened around 7:15 p.m., according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza apparently lost power before the crash.
Yankee One what are you trying to accomplish with this? We all know you work for DCA. I have no ties with Mesa or San Juan. I think you should focus more on your job and less on posting articles about other flight schools. How about posting I hope the pilot is alright?
Already covered in two separate threads in the General section.

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Sorry .. didnt see it there. Of course I hope the pilot is all right. From the article it sounded as if he was. I posted it due to what seems like a rash of GA accidents lately.