Student endorsement records


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FAR 61.189. Regarding records of student endorsements kept, my question is how do you CFI's keep them. I understand that they may be kept in your logbook, or on a separate record. What have you all found to be the most efficient and or easiest? Thank you:beer:
for me it was to just keep folders on each student. When sufficent time passes I put them in an electronic archive.
My recommendation would be to do two things. First, make a note in your logbook. That establishes a "contemporary record" in case you are every in need of documenting an event on a specific date. Second, to keep the information in an Excel file. Then when needed you can sort it by date, name, type of endorsement, or any other data you put in the spreadsheet. You might get rid of the bulky records after a reasonable number of years, but you will of course keep your logbook with it's contemporary record and also keep the spreadsheet. It may not seem like it to you now, but many years from now you may enjoy pouring over those old memories.
I like to take note of the endorsement in logbook and additionally make a photocopy of the endorsement and keep it in a file.
I like to take note of the endorsement in logbook and additionally make a photocopy of the endorsement and keep it in a file.
That is an excellent idea. Scanning the document is another safeguard that is worth considering.
Paper: I created a logbook page for endorsements given and pasted it in my logbook.

Electronic: My electronic logbook has tables for both endorsements received and endorsements given
I just write them on a sheet of paper in my student files, I also keep copies of their 8710's and temporary licenses etc. It worked fine when my records were audited.
I have sheets that document every maneuver and subject area covered, how much time we took, date, location, yadda yadda. After the lesson, the student and I both sign (they acknowledge that they received the instruction and I acknowledge that I gave it - I also sign their it were). I put a copy of that form in a folder dated month and year.

Folders are put current month up front in a filing cabinet. Once I'm at 5 years, the folder in the back will get tossed and I'll have a rolling 5 year file. This exceeds the FAA's requirements.

That's also where the copy of their birth certificate and/or passport goes as well as a copy of my annual TSA "Training" certificate and the completion certificate from my FIRC. I also put student 8710s in there (copies of them) and I higlight the date in yellow if they passed and red if they failed. I do the same with the knowledge exam endorsement forms that I have.

Works pretty well. Takes up a lot of space, but I use the file cabinet for other things too. I was doing 1 folder per student for a while, but decided against that about a year ago.

Should make the feds happy if they come asking what's up. I was going to keep the individual student folders indefinitely, but I have no desire to keep that much paperwork around. I got over it when I had training evaluations and 8410s from 135 training/checking events that I decided I wanted to keep. Those seem to pile up quickly.