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I have a tiny bit of strabismus but it does not affect my ability to fly an aircraft. It has gotten better over time too. Do I have to do anything before my medical?
Which class of medical? For Class 3, we don't even check. For class 1 and 2 we check but if there is no double vision, it is not an issue.
If the phorias (the degree of strabismus) is large, the AME may not be comfortable issuing and defer to the FAA. Ask him to call the Regional Flight Surgeon or OKC to see if they will approve the medical if he wants to defer.
I went for my 1st class today, but I hit a couple snags. Apparently my glasses are correcting to 20/30. It could mean I need a new prescription, but I just got it over the summer. Or it means my eyes aren't used to the correction because i have rarely worn them over the course of the time i have had them.

Also, I did not do well with the eye test that tries to see how well they work together. I saw the dotted red line and the notes completely seperate along with the arrow and the musical notes.

He wants me to come back on Friday after I have worn the glasses for a while.
What are your thoughts on this?

I agree. Go back Friday. If you still cannot pass, ask to go to an eye doctor and take a 8500-7 with you. Get your vision corrected to 20/20 and document the degree of phoria in diopters. Take that back to the AME and it should work.
I have no idea what you just said except for "go back friday", sir. I am new to aviation medicals and dont know form numbers or what phoria or diopters are. Please restate that in layman's terms.

Sorry :(
So, if I get my phoria checked and they give me its intensity in diopters, does that mean they can calibrate the viewing machine so I can pass the test where you have to see the dotted line going through the musical note and the arrow pointing at the note on the musical scale?

BTW, what is that test called where they try to see if the 2 images converge? Also, is this medical form you showed me something I should have filled out by an eye doctor before I go back to the AME?
Take the form 8500-7 to the eye doctor to complete.

As longas you don't see doule, the results really do not make any difference.
Ok, i am going to the eye doctor today for him to fill out the form. Please clear up these question I have so I know what's up when I go back to the AME on friday.

1. What is the name of the test with the 2 images that are seperate but are supposed to fuse together when you look through both eye pieces. There was a red dotted line and the notes. What is it the test designed to detect?

2. If all they need verify is that I do not have double vision, what is the point of that test?

3. If i fail that test, but the doctor says I do not have double vision, do i get my medical?

4. If i need to pass that test, can they calibrate the machine to my strabismus level so I can do it? I flunked with flying colors, i saw both images completely separate.
1) This is the test for phorias. You are taking it on a Titmus vision screening machine.

2) If the scores are too high, it may be an indicator of the person functioning as a monocular person. In this, the input from one eye is ignored by the brain.

3) You should be able to do so. If the values are high, the FAA wants an eye evaluation to be submitted and they will make the final decision. The AME can issue the medical with a restriction FOR STUDENT LICENSE ONLY and you can then request a medical flight test.

4) They do not calibrate the machine. It is designed to identify the degree of strabismus.
I got a clean bill of health from the eye doctor. The AME gave me 20/30 corrected, but the optometrist today gave me 20/15 corrected and filled out the complete 8500-7 form and signed it. 6 diopter prism phoria was recorded as well.

My thanks to you, Dr. Forred!