Stop smoking aids?


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My wife wants me to have my doctor perscribe a stop smoking potion. He recomended Zyban. I think that would ground me? any input?

Tried the patch, it gave me one helluva rash.
Cold Turkey

Its mind over matter. I still sneak one every once in a while (maybe one every two weeks or so).
Put a can of gasoline next to your computer and see what it says to ya.
yeah, but that could lead to Huffing

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You only asked about quitting smoking....I've never been a huffer. You're on your own with this one.
Zoloft might get you grounded because its marketed as an anti-depressant. Zyban would probably be the best choice but most likely won't be covered by insurance. Welbutrin is the exact same thing as Zyban and is usually covered, but once again its marketed as an anti-depressant and would probably get you grounded. It works wonders. When they were doing clinical testing on it as an anti-depressant, smokers who participated in the study just didn't feel like smoking anymore, and it was discovered that quitting smoking is a side effect of the drug. If you can afford it Zyban is probably the best choice, and is less likely to get you grounded, but I'd look into it more. You can also try nicotine gums or inhalers if the patch isn't working for you.

Here's a book for you. Its really more for your wife/family to help you build a support system, but it would be excellent for you to read as well.

Av8rmsu, if you quit smoking cold turkey you have hella willpower. Congratulations to you, but for the majority of smokers its about the worst way to quit smoking, as it is almost never successful.

Hope this helps, and good luck to you.
Carrots. Get a bag of baby carrots and whenever the cravings hit, eat a carrot. It's crunchy, it gives your mouth and hands something to do, and it's healthy!

Sounds stupid, I know, but it helps a little.
Dip survives better in the field than smokes.

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And doesn't piss people off on patrol....
I've a novel idea, and have suggested it to a number of those who suck on cancer sticks, and have asked a question of me similar to what you have posed here.

Stop buying the damn thing!

Simple, huh?

A few have done it, and you'd be amazed how hard it is for you to smoke if you don't have any around!

If that doesn't work, sit in your car, close all the windows, and the vents, and everything else to keep out the outside air. Light up. Repeat as needed, until you can't breath any more, or your last pack is totally gone, then don't ever buy any more.

"A few have done it, and you'd be amazed how hard it is for you to smoke if you don't have any around!"

You don't LIVE with any of the people you've recommended this to, have you, LOL

*hides under bed again*
"A few have done it, and you'd be amazed how hard it is for you to smoke if you don't have any around!"

You don't LIVE with any of the people you've recommended this to, have you, LOL

*hides under bed again*

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I have lived with these people, but their dead now - Lung Cancer.

I've got an idea for ya - go down to your local hospital, cancer ward, and watch some of these younger people die a horrible slow death from lung cancer. If that wont make you quit, than I hope you have a good health/life insurance policy for the sake of your family because you probably wont be around past 60.

Smoking should be outlawed!!!!! It is a terrible, disgusting habit, and is far worse than many other illegal drugs. Not to mention all the people your harming from second hand smoke.

I just don't understand how you can do somthing that you KNOW is very likely to kill you, and harm your family
I tried quitting about 3 times before. The last time I tried (last summer), I used the gum. Worked great for about a week, then it just seemed to wear off and have no effect (and no, I was not just chewing one the entire time!!!). I sneaked a cigarette after a week ("hmmm it's only one....") and within 3 days I was back to smoking 1/2 to 1 pack a day.

About a month ago, a colleague was describing in graphic detail images he had seen of people afflicted with smoking induced illnesses. Usually I just turn away and ignore such conversation, but decided to listen. Disturbing stuff. Later that night I went home, surfed the net and found some photos of diseased lungs, people without a voice box etc... and forced my self to look at them, and realize that WILL be me if I don't quit. I finished the last cigarrete in the pack and vowed never to smoke again. Haven't touched one in 3 weeks now, and boy did I go through some trying times (try drinking a bit of alcohol around smokers), but glad to say I haven't taken one puff! :) Best attempt so far. What also keeps me going is that I tell myself that if I light up again, even one, I will have failed this attempt to quit. And if I fail this time, I'll NEVER quit.

It really is a case of strong willpower and trying to change the way your mind thinks. As a smoker, I simply tried to ignore all the warnings of health problems and good advice from friends. I'm sure this is typcial smoker mentality and not just me. Face the possible consequences of your actions, and Im sure it'll help.

And next time I feel the urge to smoke, I'll be sure to plan a quick trip to the local cancer ward!

Good luck with quitting, hope this has been some help.

(Sorry for the long somewhat incoherent post. Too excited about Santa coming and can't sleep, despite feeling tired :) )
I quit on November 13, 1989. The fact that I can still remember the date tells you how tough it was to quit.
And really, that was the key to quitting for me. I had wanted to quit for a long time (I had been 2+ packs a day for close to 10 years). I spent a couple of months just paying attention to all the things I hated about smoking: the coughing, stinking clothes, dirty ashtrays, and on and on. The more I focused on those things the more I knew I wanted to quit.
When I finally did quit, it was a kind of spur of the moment thing. But I managed to stick with it.
But it was a royal bitch. That addiction almost licked me.
The thing that carried me through was reminding myself what an absolute bitch it had been up until that point, and if I started back up I'd have to go through all of that again. No frickin' way I wanted to go through that again. I just had to get stubborn and mad enough to work through the addiction and physical urge.

You know what? 14+ years later and there are still occasions when a cigarette sounds good. Those occasions are getting fewer and farther between every year, thank God.

The only smoke into my lungs since 1989 ('cept from a campfire or fireplace) was 1/2 a cigar on New Years Eve 2000. That ought to last me until the next millenium.

Good luck, get mad, and do it!
all y'all who say just stop doing it have no idea of how hard it is... in a previous post someone mentioned that cigarettes are the worst drug out there...totally agree with that statement, yet we sympathize (sp?) with those who try to quit illegal drugs, but yell "just dont buy them, its not that hard" to people who smoke not looking for pity, just to realize the fact that it is harder to quit smoking than to just "stop buying them"...oh yea by the way, i started smoking when i was 14 years old and just quit about a month ago after trying to quit numerous times ago. Who says that this time will work? who knows. the afformentioned methods of criticism to get someone to quit is the worst motivator of all. Try taking someone who is trying to quit and helping them rather than harrassing them with "just dont buy them" for a change. Sorry ive ranted but it really urks me when i see that. I'm stepping off my soap box now! haha...

Studies have shown that nicotine's addictive quality ranks up there with, and may actually exceed that of heroine and crack.

We have rehab programs for those who use illegal drugs. We even have rehab programs for those who abuse alcahol which is way less addictive than nicotine. Yet no program exists for the potentially most addictive, and most deady drug of all. Tobacco kills more people every year than car accidents, plane crashes, AIDS, alcahol and all illegal drugs combined. Yet we just tell people to suck it up and stop. Give them a little patch to wear on their arm. And then make them feel like a failure when they can't do it. Its tough.