Still hiring CFI's - ANY location?


I'm here to help...
I realize they still have it posted on their website, and I also called to ask a recruiter but figure they probably tell you what you want to hear... especially since I was also calling about the 5-day CFII/MEI program.

So, anyway, anyone know if they are still actively hiring into every location? Just seems odd that they would still need guys so badly given the current state of the industry. I'd like Arlington as its the closest to family... thanks for any info you guys might have.
Arlington is one of the more popular locations... and I believe they will always give preference to the ATP grads over outside candidates.

That said, I'm sure that as things slow in the industry... their need for instructors may certainly slow as well. When that happens, chances are that they will revert back to what it was years ago where you went were there was an opening... or you didn't go at all.

Just my opinion... but it's akin to the airlines lowering their mins to get more people to apply when they are in a need situation, and then raising them again once their needs have been taken care of.

It's a fluid situation.

Sure they're hiring, got a class scheduled every monday.... but gky is a little slow right now. I'm sure you could get gky within a month or two...

Like Bob said - it's dynamic, I left ATP one week ago as a CFI and the numbers for hiring have apparently already changed.
Been with ATP for a month and past standardization for a few weeks. Jim asked me to help out in Stuart and Panama City for 2 weeks before going to the base I chose. Today is 2 weeks and after many enjoyable cross country hours in Florida, I am headed to Arlington. There are two other guys in my standardization class that also helped out elsewhere and are already at their choice of base as well.

I see CFI's leaving for bigger things, so there is still movement. I would imagine you can always make it to the location you want, but it may take a bit longer. Perhaps it will go back to the old way, as Bob said already. Arlington is one of the largest locations, so you should be able to make it there eventually.

Being an outside CFI, it was hard to know what to expect at ATP. I am very impressed with the company and happy with my decision to come here. As the game of musical chairs at the airline hears the music stop temporarily, I am glad the chair I found is here.
Thanks a lot for the info guys... hopefully I dont come a few weeks too late. Just scheduled my Instrument Written for this Thursday then gotta get an IPC done and 7 hours PIC twin (at the same time hopefully) then I'm headed that way!