Stick a fork in me...Im done!


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You can stick a fork in this Turkey...cause Im done!

I just passed my MEI checkride! I finished the entire program at Pan Am, from 0 time to MEI in 10 months, 2 weeks. I wanted to share this with everyone, and it proves that Pan Am will give you what you payed for.

The Turk.
So, $50,000? $60,000? How muchie did they suck out of you? When I added up the cost for the whole program last year (assuming minimum time) I came up with a total of $63,000. And then you have to pay for that money.

Congrats on finishing up though, 10 months is rather quick isnt it, Im jealous. How did the airline interview work out?

Pan Am graduates don't get an interview until they meet the experience requirements. Depending on the contract, it varies a little bit. Most of them have to instruct for the better part of a year first. Turkey, congrats on your MEI, are you at Phoenix or Florida?
Congrats on your MEI! No offense, but PanAm also says they will get you a job. Let us know how that works out! There are plenty of schools that can give you the ratings, you can get those anywhere. But I am assuming you went to PanAm to eventually get a job flying so you aren't really done at all. You have a long way to go. Good luck!
Congrats Turkey. I don't like Pan Am for an infinite number or reasons, but I'm glad you got your training done. Is Pan Am going to be able to give you a flight instructor job now?
I have a total of 302 hours. The esimate given to me by Pan Am was $55k, (for 0 time to MEI) I went over by $2k. Yes it is a lot of money, but I see it as an investment in my future. I could have gone to an FBO and pay-as-you-go, but that would take me years to do, and at 30 I dont have that much time. If I were 21, maybe it would be better to do it that way.
Pan Am signed the Chinese contract, and the first 26 Chinese arrived Thursday, with another 15-20 coming in 2 weeks, and the August/September enrollment is up, at over 25. So I should be instructing by September. I will be in the new instructor indoc. class August 11. Once you finish that class, you can start instructing. So it looks good.

The Turk.