Sterlin Flight Training??


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Has anyone been to this school in Jacksonville, FL or know anything about it? I have a friend who is considering going their and any help would be appreciated.

Do you mean Sterling at Craig airport in Jax? I too am considering going there soon. I hear it is cheaper than North Florida Flight Center, which is an FBO next door to it. Thats really all I know for now but I will get more info in the near future.
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Once I completed my PP flight training at ATP JAX (also at Craig) I went to Sterling and got checked out on the C172 SP. I flew it out to Cedar Key with my wife (and my ATP instructor) for dinner. Their equipment is beautiful, and their staff is very friendly.If you are pursuing your PPL you may also want to stop by the ATP campus which is right next door (to the north of the tower) just to get another perspective.
good luck!
Do you mean Sterling at Craig airport in Jax?

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Yup.. Well if you get any info on it.. let me know..

I saw sterling every day when I was at ATP in JAX. From what I understand they are a very reputable operation. No cut throat and back stabbing tactics like some places. Nice aircraft too.
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I finished my PPL with Sterling after doing most of my training elsewhere. They have a very nice operation there, very friendly family owned business.

In additional the aircraft are also top notch. I have absolutely no complaints about Sterling.