Step 1: Loan is approved! Step 2...


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It's about time, but through many hassles and time, my Key loan for FSI has been approved! Suckers. Too cool.

Next is to schedule a visit. I will probably schedule the FSI visit around the Oct.26 ERAU open house date so I can check out their facility for academic studies. I am 99% sure I will attend FSI for continued flight training(havePPL).

I think I will fly to ORD, then rent a car from there to cruise down to VRB for the visit. I figure, part of one day to check out ERAU then one whole day to check out FSI and another day to check out the area for apts. and such, watering holes and beach.

Any suggestions as far as my plan goes?
Yeah...MCO might be closer than ORD. ORD would be a long drive!

Other than that, good luck!
Thanks EatSleep, I'll see if I can get direct to MCO. Or maybe a short hopper from ORD to MCO then drive from there. I'll have to look at my Miami sec chart to figure it out.

Blue Skies...
DOH!! I just pulled it up on my Flightsoft flight planning s/w and saw ORD, CHICAGO,DOH!! No wonder I couldn't find it on my Miami Low alt chart! Brain fart. I meant OrlandoMCO. Whew, that is a long drive from ORD!
Hey Pave, yea that 22 hour drive from Chi to Vero would suck but what about my drive in my Xterra with trailer from Oregon to Vero?
Major bite the weenie!
I'm sure you don't envy me! Kinda like the pioneer crossing, only with CD music!

Looks like I'm going to change my visit date to coincide with the Wings & Waves Airshow in Daytona which happens Nov. 8,9th. I'm thinking of arriving FSA on Wed. the 5th. evening and then spend part of the next day also at FSA and check Vero and Apts. on the 6th., drive up to ERAU on Fri the 7th. and spend all Sat. at the airshow. One can never get enough aircraft, huh?

I talked with Sylvia today about the $ part, and am waiting for a call from Jackie on Wed.,about other things and visitation. So my schedule now is tentitive for the visit but seems the best all around. After I talk with Jackie I will reserve a flight.

So inch by inch I get closer.