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How do you 121/135 guys keep yourselves organized while flying? Right now, my Cert is in my wallet, but since my medical is a flimsy piece of paper, I don't want to keep it there in case it get's wet or something, so for now, my Medical and my temp. cert ( I just got my MEL Add-on) are in the back of my logbook. I'm looking for maybe a lanyard with a securable, water-tight case that can hold my Certificate (Permanent & Temp), my medical, and possibly a state ID or passport (thought that's getting big, and I'm sure a radio license down the road.) I just want to be able to know where everything is at all times, and lighten my overall flight kit.

Thoughts / Suggestions?



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My medical is the least of my concerns if my wallet was to get soaked.

I haven't carried a logbook with my since I got my PPL so I don't keep anything in there. I just keep my license and medical in my wallet (along with my FCC license, which I did laminate and my CFI certificate). I already carry my driver's license in my wallet so that's there as well. The trick is what to do with my passport which I need for commuting (a sometimes requirement for CASS) and the very few times I get stuck with a trip to Freeport. It normally stays in my laptop case/camera bag/cooler (which ever I've brought that trip) or my pocket if I need it for gate agents to check.


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I have my certificate/medical/FCC thingy in my wallet, and have my passport in my shirt front pocket if I'm at work (kit bag if not). Logbook is on my laptop. :)


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License, medical, union card, special issuance letter (though I guess I can ditch this now), radio operators certificate, blah blah blah, all are in a pouch with my ID on a lanyard. Truth be told, if I lose the thing, I lose everything, but I'm not sure if that's worse than losing any single thing. I can't operate with any of that stuff missing, so as far as I'm concerned, it might as well all get packaged together.

Additionally, passport in my right pocket.


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License, medical, and FCC in my wallet. Passport in my other back pocket. Don't have to worry about which bag or location I put everything in every trip. Plus having everything in my wallet makes it much easier to keep with me at all times, especially when I have a sudden urge to fly GA.


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Haven't been part of the 135/121 world, but when I was flying GA I used the AOPA wallet I bought from Sportys. It has an insert to keep photo ID, License, and Medical cert. Plus a lot of other pockets for Credit Cards and whatever else. It's help up a long time too. I bought it in 2003 and still use it.


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I have a passport wallet, it holds everything, passport, license, cfi, igi, medical, fcc, and a bunch of business cards. I keep it in my flight case. However if the need arrises it fits perfectly in my back pocket.


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My cert, medical and FCC all stay in my wallet. They are the least of my concerns if my wallet gets wet or lost.