Starting Training

Good luck! Have a blast! I am finishing up my training to get my instrument, then right onto some time building for my multi-commercial.
Doing my training out at the Boulder City Airport. Seems like a great place.
Do you like living there during the summer time?

Sometimes I like it and there are times where I hate it. Some days it is so hot you cant even go outside!
Good luck it is going to be a blast! Now give yourself a goal to be done by the time the HOTT temperatures roll in, unless your flying with some a/c!!
I hate it. Summer in Vegas blows big time. Airplanes fly like crap and its easy to get 3rd degree burns if your skin touches anything chrome inside your car. :(

I can't imagine how leather seats feel when it's hot.
I can't imagine how leather seats feel when it's hot.

Depends on the color. Black will be hot. Lighter isnt so bad. The steering wheel is what gets yah. Shoot, sometimes your own keys can burn you. I dont know how, but a minute after starting the car the keys are extremely hot to the touch. Mother Nature hates the Southwest. ;)