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OK.. How old was everyone when they first started flying. What about your age when you took it serious (to make a career out of it) ? Just trying to establish an average age here..thats all.


Started at 16... decided to make it my career around the age of 2
K - I'm the "old guy".

Decide to pursue aviation at the age of 36. Had my first lesson at the age of 37. I'm 38 now and working on my Commercial rating.
Got my private at 17 but did a little loggable flying before that. Knew I wanted to be a pilot at about 12.
I can't make the old guy remark, I don't know what you'll call me since I'm 29 working on my IFR.
I knew I wanted to fly and loved aviation by 3rd grade. I started flying when I was 17 and got my PPL when I was 18.
Started at 15, soloed at 16, private at 17. A few (IFR, Comm. SE/ME, AGI/IGI, CFI) at 19, and CFII at 20.

On a side note, a few days ago I got FAA approval to take my Airframe Mechanic tests, so hopefully I will have at least my "A" within the next couple of months, and maybe will get the "P" this winter. I'm psyched...I guess slaving away in the shop for a few years is going to pay off after all!
Wanted to fly for my whole life, and there was other choice for me in what my career was going to be. I started taking lessons when I was 16, got my PPL when I was 19 and did my instrument a year later in 3 months. Working on the commercial now at 21.


John Herreshoff
Started flying at 23 (and a half technically). I'm now 25 (and a half, technically
) and I'm taking my Multi-Commercial on July 12. Afterwhich I'm doing my MEI/CFII and eventually my single engine commercial stuff.

My father flew and I was around, and loved, airplanes and aviation (and the airlines) since day one. Dad just never pushed it and I neve really thought about it - school, college etc. - until one day my younger brother decided to do it and that kinda kicked me into gear.
I always wanted to fly for the military but when I finally graduated (26 years old) they informed me I was too old

Started my PPL at 32 but finished at my current age (34)
. Now I'm changing careers and want to fly either recreationally or commercially.
Dreamed about it forever, decided to go for it after high school, im 19 with my private and instrument rating, and i hope to have my commercial, multi engine and CFI rating before i turn 20.
Always had the dream of being an airline pilot like most above.. But I also started at the age of 15 and now have my private at 17. Will start the pursuit of the rest of my tickets at Panan within the next year.