Starting on the road to the clouds


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Guys and gals,

For the past five or six months I have been itching to get my flight training started. My goal is to fly for an airline or charter service, not just fly around for pleasure. I live in rural East Texas and if am somewhat limited to where I can move due to finances.

The local school, Tyler International School of Aviation, has caught my eye. I have gone over and took a tour of the place. It is a decent looking place. The buildings are somewhat old, but well maintained, clean and well lit. Noone, save me, was standing around doing nothing. Everybody there was busy with flight planning, checking out thier plane and other such things.

They have a good sized fleet of both single and multi engine aircraft that appeared to be in good repair. The instructors seemed polite and knowledgable and were evenly split between FAA and JAA instruction.

I have not had the chance to head towards DFW and check out ATP, but hopefully will get to soon.

If anyone has any opinions on TISA, I would much appreciate them.

As for personal stuff, I am a courier for a medical lab, started hating my job when the avitaion bug bit me and do have an AS deg in Computer Networking systems. Ever since I was but a wee lad I have been in love with anything that flies and now I want to do something about it.