starting from scratch


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Hey! I am hoping to attend DCA in November. I have my financing squared away, and have already toured and liked the facility. Just wondering if anyone else out there is starting out or did start out with no ratings. Should I be coming in with at least my private? The advisor I spoke with said it doesn't matter. Does anyone have any personal insight into this?
I came in with 0 time in mid january and things are going great for me. I have one lesson before my FAA ride for my commercial ticket, i had alot of delays and cancelations in private for weather. I think coming in with 0 time gives you an advantage, you have no old habits that keep you from learning the way the school would like. Ive never been happier, even though it gets frustrating at times.
I agree with flyboy, there are a lot of advantages to learning to fly the DCA way from day one.

The only plus to getting your private before hand is to find out if you are going to like it. It would suck to move all the way to Orlando just to find out that you don't like flying that much.

See ya in December