Starting Commercial Training


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Three children and two deployments later, I'm finally starting my commercial training.

I completed my instrument rating with Accessible back in February '08.

I'll be more than happy to answer any questions about my training and experience with Accessible.
Best of luck to you! Get ready for some extremely enjoyable maneuvers. Prepare your mind to understand even more of what you learned in your PPL.

Take advantage of this time to study regs, aerodynamics, weather, etc.

... and have fun!:D
Thanks, and believe me, I'm ready.

Finally! Feels good to be back in the air again. Brandon took me up this weekend for a "quick" 100NM out and back flight. I haven't really seen the ground since my Private Pilot training...kinda makes navigating off of a sectional chart challenging again.
You have to love Indianola. That place reminds me of the movie "The Hills Have Eyes." Big strip in the middle of nowhere with buildings and busted up farm implementation and other stuff on the two closed x-wind runways.

Good luck on the commercial! Hopefully we will get a chance to fly together.

Thanks Les...I had the joy of taking my 4 1/2 year old daughter up this past week on a night flight. She absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough of it!

For those of you who haven't seen Indianola (IDL), check it out sometime. Like Les was getting at...there is a very strange and eerie feel to the place.