Starting at ATP with a PPL


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Hi, I have a question about the ACP Program. I currently have a private pilot single-engine land rating. Do they go right into the Multi, or would they do the Single Engine Instrument rating first? I am just confused because it seems like they go into the multi right away. I have been under the impression that the order is PPL, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, THEN MULTI. If someone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and take care!


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That particular order is based on the pilot's pocketbook. Multi time is quite expensive.

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The only single-engine training you'll do at ATP is your single commercial and CFI, both towards the end of the program; the rest is all done in the Seminole--hence their "total twin training" slogan.

The exact order has been posted here before, but as I understand it, your first checkride is your multi add-on to your private ticket, so the rest of your training can count as PIC under the sole manipulator rule.


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Thats affirm. You spend the first week getting ready for your multi-add on, during which you'll take all 5 writtens. Then you start immediately on your instrument rating. After that it's 70 hours of multo x-country (the phase I'm in now), then commercial, then off to JAX for your CFI ticktes.