Starting ACPP in Dallas Feb. 16th


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Just wanted to see if anyone else here is starting in Dallas or will be there around that time. I put my deposit down today and am waiting for the training supplies to try and knock out as many of the writtens as I can before I start. Thanks to Kris (sp?) for showing me around the Dallas office and answering all my questions and to Captain Bob for being so helpful on the phone. Hope to see you there soon.

Well, If the Loan goes through (praying) Im Looking to be at the dallas loc in March or April. Congrats man, and godspeed on those writtens. They say gettem' done, and you may have fun.

I am looking at attending ATP in Dallas or possibly FSA, but not for at least 6 months. What made you decide on ATP?
Same question, does anybody know if Capt. Bob made it to Dallas. I went trough the Dallas program back in Aug. through Nov. but still need to complete my CFI part.

Dallas was great and Kris is a great instructor if you can put up with his B.S.:)
I decided to go to ATP for several different reasons, in no particular order:

1. Less expensive than some of the other academies but still has a ton of multi time
2. Already have my degree so I didn't want to go to a university program
3. Quick time to complete
4. The opportunity to possibly instruct in a multi after finishing the program
5. The comments from the people on this site. I've been able to watch people as they go all the way through the program and then even begin to instruct and just about everyone only has positive things to say.
6. From what I hear the instruction is top notch and provides an excellent base for airline style training

I can't wait to start the program and am actually excited to get the books and start studying. If I can answer any more questions let me know.


I think I heard that Captain Bob actually is going to the PHX location until a spot opens up at Dallas.
Hey, I just started in Dallas three days ago (multi-check ride early next week). I'm not sure exactly how the schedule will work out, but I should be finished up my instrument and just getting started on the cross country's around the 16th.

If you do nothing else, make sure you take your Instrument and CFII writtens before you get there (preferably more, of course).

The instructors are great. You'll love it. No question... I made the right choice.


Sounds like you're having a blast. Look forward to meeting you in Dallas in Feb. Good luck with your training.

Hey there guys!

Congrats on your decisions! I'm really glad I could help...

Yes, I am in Phoenix teaching for the time being. They have been extremely busy out here and I have been thrown into the fire very quickly. My first EVER student was a 2 day ATP rating for an F-16 fighter pilot with over 4,000 hours of flight time.

My second student was an MEII... I had one day to prepare him for a checkride. Yes both passed!

I had another 2 day ATP guy that flew great!!! but on his single-engine ILS he over flew the GS Intercept on his checkride and went full deflection.

And I currently have a 4 day ATP and a 4 day Multi-Commercial with checkrides this Friday and Saturday.

I haven't even been here a week yet! LOL!

As busy as it is here in Phoenix, I'm hoping to get back to Dallas before my daughter's birthday in February! We'll see how it goes... if more of you keep signing up for Dallas, then I'll be there in no time, and lunch will be on me!

Good luck to all of you!

Well, I got the Instrument and CFII writtens out of the way this morning. 98 and a 96 so I'm pretty happy. I really liked the Gleim book and think it is definitely the most affordable way to study and get a good score. My plan is to study for the FOI for a day or two, kind of as a break, take that and then start the commercial. Should be fun.

How's the program going? Any additional advice after having been in it for a week or two?