started PPL on monday - - - so far so good


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I started the PPL this monday and so far it has been awesome. The apartments are nice and my roomates are cool too. so far this week I've flown 4.7 hours. yeeha. The only advice I have to offer is to be prepared. Know as much as possible before you get here, because it really is like drinking water out of a fire hose.

Our days start at 8am and end between 3-4. It's really not that long of a day, but all of the constant concentration and information overload really tires you out by the time you get home. Can't wait til tomorrow until I can fly again. Later peeps.
I'm in the program as well with robair and jetjak. It's a great program with great people and instructors. I have 4.6 hrs of flying time this week. Started on Monday and were rained out (had ground school for about six hours that day) one day and were oriented the other. So on average we are flying about an hour and a half +/-. Plus we have approx. two hours of ground school +/- depending on what we are being taught. Yoiu also backseat while your partner is flying with the instructor for about 1.5 hrs.

I can't say enough about it. It's just been great so far, besides my roomates farting all the time. Thats another subject entirely. I'll try to post and answer questions as much as possible.

Hah happy you doin' good so far Rob. The apartments nice you say? That's good to hear since I hope to go to the same location..

Well.. keep us updated, really looking forward to PPL program.
Hey robair and deder
I am a first timer but have been browsing for quite a while. I am very interested in ATP and they are by far my number one choice. I am glad that you guys are posting your experiences thus far because it is very helpful to people like me. I am hoping to visit the Jacksonville location in early July so hopefully I will get a chance to meet you guys. I too will be joining with no experience so I will need to get my private. Also did you guys check out Phoenix East and/or Ariben. If so what was your experience and why did you choose against them. I hope everything is going great and good luck. In addition it is horrible to hear about what happened with the crash over the weekend and does anyone know the cause yet? What are they saying about it in Jacksonville? Thanks for helping me out fellas, I am sure I will have plenty more questions if you guys don't mind. Take care.
vsnick, check back on some of my previous posts. I wrote a good amount of information about my tour of florida visiting flight schools and the good the bad and the ugly.
about the crash - so far, the only thing we've heard is that it looks like they got into a flat spin. how they got into it will be only speculation.
Hey Rob, I checked out the previous posts, yours and many others. I didn't realize there were so many. They were quite interesting to look over. Hey I was wondering if you could tell me how prepared you were before starting at ATP. I figure you probably had your private written done, but anything else. Also, how did you and the others going through the program study for the writtens? What programs do you guys recommend, such as the Jepp kit, King videos, sportys videos, etc.?? I just want to know what is worth buying and what did ATP recommend you guys get done beforehand and what materials to use. I already bought the Jepp kit and have been reading that, but I am thinking about getting a DVD course. Thanks Joe

I am in the PPL course right now with robair and ATP wants you to have your private written done before you come. Not only does it get it out of the way, but helps you tremendously with knowing material beforehand. Already knowing something about flying will help speed up the learning process.

ATP actually sent me the VHS King Videos to use for a month. I didn't have time to watch them because I was finishing up school, so I had to send them back. I eventually ordered them and it took about two to three weeks of studying and watching videos before I took and passed my test. The stuff is all going to be new, but the concepts aren't too hard. There are the Sporty's videos instead of the King ones. You can go on their website and get a free copy of the first DVD in the PPL series. I personally found them not as in depth and not put together as well as the King Videos.

As far as the Jepp comes with a lot of books and a lot of good information. You will mostly use these books during ground school.

I hope that this answers most of your questions and if you have anymore, feel free to ask. We've been pretty busy flying almost everyday. It's a great experience so far and wouldn't have changed it for anything. Me and my three roomates just soloed the other day, so things are progressing. Tomorrow we start planning cross countries and flying them. Great times ahead!!!

Dan and Rob
Hey you guys have been real helpful so far. I was just wondering if you could keep updating your experiences whenever you get the chance. I would really like to hear what your typical day is like. How much are you flying? How much are you studying? and is the studying all on your own or is there any structure to it? Also what have you guys been doing with your free time, if there is any? I have never been to Jacksonville so just curious if you guys are having any fun. Well keep up the good work. ~Joe
Well the first week of the program we had ground school M-F and flew every chance we got. Once we got simple maneuvers down and soloed, it was IFR everyday for six days. we had a couple of hours of xcountry ground school but for most of those six days we were either waiting and hoping for the weather to get better or playing video games in our apartment. Yesterday we flew a short x-country, and today we flew a 3 hour 3 stop x-country. tomorrow night we fly a night x-country to daytona beach and do some touch and go's at JAX on the way home. Then after that, we're set loose on our own to do our 10 hours of x-country to wherever we like. This next week is gonna be one of the best in the program. It's gonna be the only time where we are in the aircraft all by ourselves doing x-country. The rest of the program we are always with an instructor or a partner. peace out mofo's
It sounds like you guys sure are doing alot of flying, just like ATP promised. Is it at all itimidating or is the pace just fast enough to where you guys are learning everything step by step without forgeting much. How is the studying coming? I bet it is nice to be living with others who are going through the same program as you. Well I really appreciate the updates, so keep them coming. I cannot wait to start flying. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
we spend most of our time playing madden, nhl, fifa, and grand turismo. the flying is definately not overwhelming. I couldn't imagine going through a program that takes two weeks before you even get a chance to land the damn thing. If I don't fly for 2 or more days in a row, I start to get rusty. I think that flying virtually every chance you get is the best way to go. We're hoping to take our checkrides by the end of this weekend. 4 weeks, sounds fast, but looking back on it, it could have been three. We had a week where we didn't fly for six days straight. It goes fast, but it is definately managable as long as you come prepared.
we spend most of our time playing madden, nhl, fifa, and grand turismo."

What system?
PS2 I assume.. I was just wondering because I was considering bringing my box (X) down to play on the rainy and stormy Florida days.
Forget that. If you play video games every day that it storms in the summer in FL, you'll never finish your flight training!
If you are learing to fly in Florida, you will become quite adept at flying around thunderstorms.
xbox, ps2, and computer. we all brought different systems and have different games for each system.
Dudes, we play plenty of video games while flying, and studying. You need to take a break sometime during the day. It's not like we are at the airport all day long everyday and when we're not there, we're home with our nose in the books. If you come prepared, you'll have some down time during the day.
Now, this past week we've been prepping for our checkrides, so there's not as much down time, but we were still able to get in a game of madden last night.

I can't wait to take my checkride! An actual liscensed pilot!
I'm proud to announce I beat Halo on Xbox last week in a record 15hours!...Anyway, hey Rob - It's Jon, I met you guys a few days ago, I was talking to Rich when you guys came back from lunch and getting charts. Just wanted to say what's up and you guys might be training my ass in 6months! keep in touch...
Well, good news. I passed my checkride!!! Deder and jetjak passed too!!!! No bust club!
Today I had an awesome flight to Atlanta in some actual IFR conditions! 6.5 logged as PIC, I love it.

hey, what's up dubbs. how did you like ATP?