Started ACPP in Stuart FL


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I've started the ATP Career Pilot Program in Stuart, and am both impressed and having a good time. My instructor and partner are great, and I am enjoying flying a Seminole-it's a nice step up from a single. Some quick observations so far:

1. Schedule is manageable. You do sim or fly every day, but it's not all day. Quite a bit of free time. Probably due to #2...

2. Come prepared. I had all but one of the writtens done (CFI-A) and had memorized the majority of the Semiole training supplement. This preparation has helped more than I can possibly describe. Read as much as possible about flying-aerodynamics, systems, weather, ATC, safety, etc-it all helps. I'd advise anyone to read this, not just someone at ATP.

3. ATP is extremely organized. On the first day we were given workbooks with daily quizzes (8-10 questions relevant to our stage of training) and a CFI workbook.

4. There is ground school. As opposed to pass-the-FAA-exam ground school, this is more concerned with operational aspects of flying.

5. Housing is in a very nice apartment complex. No phone service though, thus no internet. I'm typing this at the public library.
Just passed my AMEL checkride this morning...felt great. Now on to the instrument rating.

Adam is my instructor. I think my partner and I are his last ACPP students.