Started ACPP in Stuart FL


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I've started the ATP Career Pilot Program in Stuart, and am both impressed and having a good time. My instructor and partner are great, and I am enjoying flying a Seminole-it's a nice step up from a single. Some quick observations so far:

1. Schedule is manageable. You do sim or fly every day, but it's not all day. Quite a bit of free time. Probably due to #2...

2. Come prepared. I had all but one of the writtens done (CFI-A) and had memorized the majority of the Semiole training supplement. This preparation has helped more than I can possibly describe. Read as much as possible about flying-aerodynamics, systems, weather, ATC, safety, etc-it all helps. I'd advise anyone to read this, not just someone at ATP.

3. ATP is extremely organized. On the first day we were given workbooks with daily quizzes (8-10 questions relevant to our stage of training) and a CFI workbook.

4. There is ground school. As opposed to pass-the-FAA-exam ground school, this is more concerned with operational aspects of flying.

5. Housing is in a very nice apartment complex. No phone service though, thus no internet. I'm typing this at the public library.


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Just passed my AMEL checkride this morning...felt great. Now on to the instrument rating.

Adam is my instructor. I think my partner and I are his last ACPP students.