Start Date Pushed Back Due To Military Service.


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Hi All,

I have not posted lately, due to my recent moblization, back into the active duty navy. This happened back in august, it happened so sudden, that I barely had the chance to get ready, as it stand these orders are retroactive untill mid october and the extension could go on well into next year. The frustrating part of all this is that they moblized so many people, that thay are having are hard time with them, due to the fact that for the time being, they have no defined mission and are working outside our rates (Military Ocupational Specialty's or job's for you non-navy types
, let's just say that there are a lot of unhappy people right now. But I'm sure once things get in order this will all change, I lucked out, as an E-5, I was sent to work with the base security detail as a master at arms and this is keeping us extremely busy, long hours and the tough training schedule is keeping us all sharp. As far as training goes, it's intense heck, I feel like I'm back in boot camp, my watch commander, a USMC E7, runs the training, really pushes us to the edge, and as a team, so far we all are doing well, and had no drop outs, due to OpSec I cant get into details, but you guy's understand and get the picture.

I'm proud to serve my country and will due so to the best of my ability, but the timing behind all of this could not have come at the worst time, I was scheduled to start my training at FSI on Sept, 30 2002. My section chief told to me to get ready to be in it for the long haul, funny thing about all of this is, we are the last one's to get any news usually we get it from CNN faster that from the chain of command. On a positve note, after all this years in the reserves, I finally made the E-6 list.

Well my friends, it's late and I will be posting form time to time as training permits.

Be Safe, Fly High and God Bless America.

Best Regards,
Ooh rah! & watch out for those Gunny's!. (from a former Marine). Don't worry, FSI will still be here when you're done. Serving our Country is a noble endeavour.

Good luck to you & all of your brothers in arms!
Are you ASF-in it? I've been wondering if there's a chance of my being called up! Were you recalled from the IRR, or were you SELRES?


Chunk <--one of those 'non-Navy' guys you were talking about....well, not really...
I don't know if i should say "Congrat's" or "Good luck"... or "Welcome back to the Active Club"....

your on the E-6 list?? does that mean you made it??? ....

So your an MA now huh... .. " the Heat is now Packin Heat"

Both sorry and proud to hear that. I wish you the best of luck and be careful out there. I guess we'll all have to wait for Ms. Heat's Italian feast.....
I hope you didn't unpack your sea bag & get comfortable eatin' civvie chow yet, Chunk...'cause the Navy will be coming after you next! You haven't been out long enough to grow out your hair yet, good thing 'cause it'll save you money on the hair cut.

'naut <--- way past IRR
I think my hair is shorter now that I'm a silly-vilian. As far as my seabag...hehe, they're gonna have to provide some uniforms because I didn't really wear anything but a flightsuit (and cammies for ASF) during my time in...

I probably have one set of dungajammies *somewhere*....have a set of whites...dang, I'll guess they'll have to pay me for new uniforms!