Start Date: March 1st


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Well, I finally did it. Today I sent in my deposit for the ACPP and I start the PPL program on March 1st with 12.8 hours. As some of you know I had trouble getting the loan from Key bank, but have since gotten one from my local credit union. I graduate from college in 16 days, then its into the Gleims to bang out those writtens. I'm so excited. 1

Rock On. Good Luck at ATP I only wish I had been bitten by the aviation bug prior to getting married and having kids. I would had loved to go the ATP route. As it stands I am now going through the local FBO. I am 3/4 through my instrument rating and then it's a matter of building time for the commercial ticket. Be sure to let us all know how it goes.
Good luck. I juat talked to someone at the flight school I felt uncomfortable with and then ran to ATP. She has spent 6K and hasn't soloed. I feel very fortunate to have gone to ATP. Maybe I'll see you there.( I should be doing my X-C flights.)
There's a school like that here locally, too. I'm amazed they haven't gone out of business yet. There are students that come to "my" FBO with 50 hours and no solo. Thieves. Makes me rage. I try to view it as an indirect lesson in how NOT to be a CFI, which is just as valuable as learning what is good to do.

My deposit went in about a week and a half ago. Still no box, but I expect it soon. I'll be starting early April in Dallas.
I soloed at 12, I think..I was on the 1-year plan.
Poor suckers, though, and how are they supposed to know they're being screwed? They're pretty pissed by the time they leave our place, having been set straight. Apparently their instructor just takes them up and demonstrates maneuvers to them - doesn't even let them have the controls.
I soloed at 12, I think..I was on the 1-year plan.

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i hope not, cause you can't legally solo until you are 16