"starburst" cracks


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\"starburst\" cracks

Anybody ever heard of "starburst" cracks in windshields?

I fly off and on with the pilot of a Citation ISP and yesterday was supposed to be a quick run to the Cessna Citation service center in Greensboro, NC for a couple of checks.
After an adventurous day of holding, 2 ILSes to mins, a passenger in the back who had never flown before, a free lunch at a Hibachi steakhouse, and a very attractive and friendly line girl at our diversion airport we find out from the mechanics that they've found these cracks in the co-pilot's window and that the airplane is now unairworthy. The rental car ride home wasnt too much fun.

Just wondering if anyone can give me some insight on what these little devils are...apparently you can't see them but they can implode your windshield at altitude.
Re: \"starburst\" cracks

I dont know what the cracks are but did you get the girls phone number?