Spotted something rare!


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I didn't know these things were still around. I checked and apparently there are only a couple Starships left that are still flying. Saw it today at Sugar Land Airport (SGR) in Houston. Looked it up on flightaware, but it didn't show up. Last photos I saw on were a few years old! Unfortunately, these were about the only photos I could get!



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Raytheon tried to get out from the liability/support of the Starship by buying them up and then chopping them up. I read a couple of owners bought all the spares they could find plus a couple of airframes to keep their birds flying.

Anybody remember the Mooney PFM? This was another "disavowed" type.


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There's one on the ramp at Aspen. In 3 years I've never seen it gone or in a different location. So not sure it actually gets up in the air...


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There were a bunch of them at Marana/Avra Valley Airport in AZ. I guess they moved them up to Pinal now.

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I remember the starship. It's unforunate that there are so few of them left. Such a beautiful aircraft :)
Funny thing too is that it wasn't that far off spec. Yes, the Super 350 has a bit more room from what I read and there isn't that much speed difference but the impression was that the Starship was a dog.. which it really wasn't/isn't. But then, look how long it took for the 'catfish' (Piaggio) to catch on.