Spontaneous pneumothorax


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I attended my PEPC on Friday and the flight surgeon there was concerned about my two pneumos. They were 8 years ago and 3 months apart (each lung). I had no problems getting a 3rd class a couple years later. He wants me to fax all my surgical notes to CAMI in OKC. They went in with a camera and stapled the blebs for each surgery. Should I be concerned about not getting my medical for an ATCS postion


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I had a spontaneous pneumothorax 8 years ago, and was able to get a 1st class medical. The flight surgeon didn't even ask me any questions about it. I would guess it's of little concern to you, but I'm not a doctor. Good luck!


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i had it happen to me a few years ago as well...just sent my x-rays to my flight doctor and to okc, get a thing in the mail a month later from the faa and no problems getting a first class medical...

My Flight Surgeon

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A history of a single episode of spontaneous pneumothorax is considered disqualifying for airman medical certification until there is x-ray evidence of resolution and until it can be determined that no condition that would be likely to cause recurrence is present (i.e., residual blebs). On the other hand, an individual who has sustained a repeat pneumothorax normally is not eligible for certification until surgical interventions are carried out to correct the underlying problem. A person who has such a history is usually able to resume airmen duties 3 months after the surgery. No special limitations on flying at altitude are applied.