Splitting time in Dallas


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I could be game.

I am a member of a flying club (RFC Dallas, out of ADS) who have a Cherokee for about 85/hr and a Cardinal RG for 105/hr. I think you would have to join in order to be PIC, but that only requires a checkout in the Cherokee, and 10 hours dual in the Cardinal (if you have 125hrs TT).

Otherwise there are schools that have C172s for 110 or so.

Where in the metroplex are you?


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I need to fly more, and dont have a ton of money to do so... Im working towards my commercial, currently have 217 hours. I want to finish the comm. by the end of the year... so I need SOMEBODY that will split time... anything will help. Im out of KADS, but close enough to KTKI, KDTO, etc. IFR Students, time building x-countries, etc... I'll take it all! I can only fly weekends and some week nights.