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I had some muscle pain. The doc told me that it might be someting wrong with the cervical spine. The x rays show that it is deformed and discs are spaced close together. I still need to go back to the doc to find out what is the treatment. What can i expect on my next medical? What does the Faa say about issues with the spine? Thanx for you help.
Hey Doc i went back to the doctor and had a few tests done. The findings from the spine x ray say that. A block vertebra at c3 c4 is demonstrated, a normal variant. There is straightening of the cervical spine demosntrated. No acute fracture. Impression mild straightening of the cervical spine. I also had a MRI done which had same results and no nerve damage or any muslce tissue damage. Can you tell me what can i expect from the FAA on my next medical.