Spidey Sense Tingler: DAL & Alaska expand alliance...


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Hmm, I remember when NWA and DAL announced a simple "strategic alliance"...

Delta, Alaska Air to expand alliance:

Delta Air Lines Inc., which broadened its global reach with its purchase of Northwest Airlines, plans to expand a marketing alliance with Alaska Air Group Inc., a carrier that some industry observers have speculated Delta may have an interest in acquiring one day. The marketing alliance expansion was scheduled to be announced Monday at a news conference at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where the chief executives of Atlanta-based Delta and Seattle-based Alaska Air will speak, according to an event advisory issued by the carriers. Delta's existing alliance with Alaska Air was launched in 2004, and there has been a relationship of more than 20 years between Alaska, Horizon and Northwest. Currently, code-sharing by Delta, including Northwest, extends to more than 100 markets served by Alaska Air, including Horizon, and code-sharing by Alaska Air extends to more than 30 markets served by Delta. Currently, Delta frequent fliers can book award tickets on Alaska Air flights that carry the Delta code.


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They dropped XJT on the west coast and didn't even give it to another contractor because it just wasn't making enough money.

B-737s of course have a CASM that is significantly lower.

If they wanna be #1 in LAX and also fill the only gap in the route structure that is the west coast, this is it.

Use the Alaska stuff to feed the NRT flights from SFO, PDX, SEA, LAX.


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Where's Velo?!?! ;)
Here, Sir! It was less than a week ago when one of our LEC guys asked me, "So how does it feel to fly for the LARGE Delta commuter airline?" Looks like he was right.

Out getting measured for a double breasted jacket?
Got one from the Navy. I don't think they're that bad.

I wonder what a q400 would look like in Delta colors.
AAG could very well sell Alaska out of the Air Group and continue to fly Horizon as an independent carrier. There are two certificates. Add some Ejets to Horizon and they'll be ready to fill the the gap when Delta inevitably pulls assets to put them into the East/West structure.

That's what always happens. Think USAir/PSA, AA/AirCal and Reno, Delta/Western. It always happens.


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where will the alaska pilots go on the seniority list? talk about a difference in "career expectations."


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Well, I think DeltaWest would pretty much insist on fences around their widebodies. We don't have any and they would argue "career expectations."

The quid pro quo is that we would probably insist on an equal fence around the SEA crew base.

Personally, I think that since we'd all be working for the same "new" company there probably should be a fence of say 5 years around the wides and SEA. Then let anyone who can hold the position bid it using system seniority.

And the fairest SLIs seem to be ratio deals.

But, that's just my opinion. Do I need to quote something to hold it?


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200% more buttons? If that's the case, a one-button jacket would now be a 3-button jacket.

I'm assuming they have a 2-button jacket, so that'd be "200% the buttons" or "100% more."
We at Delta wear a double-breasted coat with six buttons. Number of buttons is directly proportional to flying skill.:sarcasm: