Speed Channel: "Busted Knuckles" with Delta mechanics


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Garry Caldwell and Richard DiBella, both Delta TechOps’ aviation maintenance technicians, are featured on the new Speed Channel Show called Busted Knuckles, airing Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.

Host Rich Ragains assisted Garry and Rick as they performed a brake change on a Boeing 777-ETOPs aircraft for the show. Garry and Rick lead the brake change work while several other TechOps AMTs were busy in the background inspecting and working on other parts of the aircraft. Rich also interviewed First Officer John Carroll for statistics and facts about the brakes when operating a 777.

The segment, which was filmed at the Technical Operations Center in July, is scheduled to air five more times through Sunday.
30 minutes of MEL stickers and writing "Ops Checks Good, RTS" sound interesting? ;) :sarcasm:



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No offense to the folks in the video, but it would of been much more interesting if they filmed a 'HOT' brake change on a turn @ E Concourse while dodging all the other ramp activity.


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Thanks Doug,

I don't know what I would do without my Tivo and the Directv scheduler ;-)