Southern Airways Express

Does anyone currently work for them or have any info on them? I emailed their HR department and they forwarded my interest to the chief pilot. Wasn't sure if they are hiring and what sort of SIC mins they required. Thanks!
I see these guys often and spoke with their Chief Pilot on a stop at NEW. They seem to be growing at a good clip. As far as SIC mins, not positive they exist. I've only ever seen them operate single pilot.
Any insight on the usual that good stuff? The route structure seems like it might allow minimal overnights.Their website indicated that they might be growing so it's good to hear that from another source. Thanks!
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I honestly can't comment on the pay or QOL. Haven't been too curious since I'm pretty happy where I am. I do see these guys a bit though and I will pass on any info I can.
Hi folks, I am new to the forum. I live in Memphis and will be looking for a job shortly after I build a few more hours. Wanted to check in to see if anyone had any new info on Southern now that they have grown a little. Also if anyone has any info on other MEM airlines, please share! Thanks!

Hidy Ho! Waking up an old thread! Anyone have current intel? I live in Navarre (that is near DTS) and will be looking for my next gig soon.
Not sure how well they're doing. I've seen a few of their caravans up for sale in KARR. May just be lease returns, maybe they are shedding airframes because of demand if it's the same company I'm thinking of, call sign "light speed."