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I just heard about South sky aviation in FL. I heard they are good for foriegn students .. Cost effective and have accelerated programs too.

Anyone has more info?>
When I was in southern florida I went to see southsky. I was very surprised that for such a small school they were very professional. They have a very accelerated program and have a very good pass rate.

What I must say I liked about them is that the facility has a very nice atmosphere, the planes all have fresh coats of paint and seem well maintained, and the people are generally friendly. They make you wear a uniform which makes you look very professional but seems like it will get very hot during the summer months. They are very liberal about the airplanes, they encourage long cross countries and will let you take the plane overnight. The hotel that they offer really sucks in my opinion, and for the same money you can get a nice apartment or house,especially if you attend during the summer. I belive that I am going to attend their school this summer between semesters, and I hope that they will be as good as they look. I am sure that you have already talked to levant, if not, then do it. He is a very nice guy and responds quickly. Is it the best flight school in the world, no, but it does seem to be the best one in southern florida. They currently have I belive 4 172's, 4 152's, a 182rg, an arrow and a dutchess. From what they told me, they are looking to get at least 1 more 172 and 1 more 152.

In responce to your other question, yes, I would say that 50% of the students their are foriegners. Levant told me that the reason for this was because of world of mouth. This might be true, but that is a lot of people if they are only getting the students this way.

Can you gimme the contact of Levant.I'm having problems with the messy protocols with my current ISP. Cannot use IE 4.0

Sorry for the trouble and thanks a bunch for the help