Source for simple clip art type graphics?


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I'm in need of a simple drawing of a plane. I'd prefer a single engine since that is what I fly now. As abstract and simple as possible. So low wings tend to be a bit better since most high wings look like a cessna. Anything really, I'm just looking for a nice clean outline, with some wings on it. Ideally simple and just one color.

uh, thanks. Can you point one out? I've been googling for the last week or so, and nothing worth using can be found for free. I've done 'plane art' 'airplane art' 'aircraft art' 'plane drawing' 'airplane drawing' 'airplane clip art' 'aircraft clip art' etc, etc, etc. Maybe I'm not doing the right search though???
If you can be more specific I can check what I have. I have images such as this, or colored ones, etc.