Something Not to Do


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The other day I had the liberty of watching a couple people get interviewed at a major airline. I was only able to watch the flight portion in the sim, but still it was a valuable experience. This airline had a person perform the "weave" which is just turning left and right with different airspeeds and configurations. Nothing that bad if you have a great instrument scan. There is a company that sells some time in the same sim that job candidates can purchase to practice the "weave." Apperently a couple candidates were unable to book time with this company and were not able to practice before the interview. Well, these two cadidates decided to cancel their interview because of this. This just blew my mind. I know many people just waiting to get a phone call for an interview. The funny thing is I think these couple candidates think that they are going to get called back, which is just not going to happen.

The moral of the story is to just not cancel an interview at a major airline because you did not have time to practice. The people who give the flight test take that into consideration a person did not have time to practice, and give a little warm-up time.