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So I am a current student pilot 25 yrs old, with around 25 hours and it's taken me quite awhile to get to this point (financing issues, moving and living in upstate NY weather mainly).

But yesterday I went flying and did touch and gos with my instructor and some ground reference manuevers. And I finally got the feeling that I am actually getting the hang of this! It was really neat-- I can't quite explain what the actual feeling was, but for a long time (i.e. the first 24hrs) I felt overwhelmed and tentative with the controls and although I was having fun, I kept thinking "how the hell am I EVER going to learn this?" But the other day I felt like all of a sudden, the learning curve finally jumped a little bit.
I know I've got a long ways to go and I would be the last one on earth to do something cocky up there-- but it did seem like my performance showed a definite improvement, (and my instructor said that as well!)

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone else went through a long period of time feeling worried that it would never work out, and that your money was draining a lot quicker than expected-- and then realized that your learning/experience just "took off" (no pun intended). I would love to hear about it.

I feel like from this point on-- getting the license is finally attainable and I just wanted to share.
thanks for listening, and let me know how you all are doing! I'm one of the quiet posters around here, but I will keep you informed on my progress!

Yeah I remember one lesson where I felt things really came together, and I was starting to get the hang of it. It is a good feeling
Truly an awsome feeling, isn't it? I remember doing my one my first solo XC's during my private training, and I was keeping track of my progress/fuel/checkpoints to MRY and it suddenly dawned on me: I wasn't spending ALL my attention to attitude flying (heading and altitude). It was only then that I'd realized how much I've already learned, how ominous the training seemed when I first started, and how silly it was of me to be so intimidated by this "airplane".

I'm still in the very early stages of going for my IFR ticket, and I have to admit, that sometimes I get dismayed by all the information that I have to learn yet. But I go back to the feeling of that specific day to remind me that, this too, is not something beyond my abilities and that I WILL get to a point of shooting an NDB comfortably.
When feeling overwhelmed in training, just remember: what you need to learn has been accomplished by many other pilots. You're not trying to do something impossible. Keep us updated!
Hey jjm, glad you're finally getting the hand of it and enjoying your self more.

Are you training at EHFC? I've been down in the area a bunch because KITH is a lot less busy than KSYR for GA, a lot less commercial traffic that is... Haven't really flown though- beautiful area from the sky!
Nice to see some fellow upstate NY'ers!!! I've flown into ITH and SYR plenty of times....ITH is a sweet town too. Love that area!
Wait... when is this feeling supposed to come? I have my commercial check ride on Saturday (I hope). Well I guess there's always tomorrow! J/K! Congrats, it only gets better. You can actually relax and start noticing things on the ground now!

Yeah, I fly out of KITH and am w/EHFC. What a great club!
Ithaca is great- grew up there, went to CU, now getting a little sick of it, soon- it'll be time to move on.
Yeah EHFC is a really nice little flying club...

I am gonna get a few hours before I (hopefully) go to ATP this fall and I may get them there, don't know yet though!