Something about Airliners on Dateline


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Apparently Dateline is doing something on a near accident on an airliner. It's on at 9pm EST on NBC. Check your local listings if you live in a different timezone.
I'm watching it right now. It's called "Nightmare on Flight 9." It's about a British Airways 747 (Flight 9) 20 years ago that apparently experienced some kind of major failure in-flight. So far so good.
good program--who would think that that all four engines could fail on a 747, and actually live to tell about it.
That was wild stuff. The first 55 mins I was thinking "WTF"? Can you imagine being the Capt. on that flight? It was remarkable how unpanicked they were when nothing made any sense.
Well it turns out that shortly after they departed Kuala Lumpur, there was a volcano that erupted somewhere in indonesia that was right in the flight path of the plane. In those days they didnt have proper volcanic ash reports worldwide, especially in indonesia. So the pilots had no idea. Anyway the ash plumed up to 40,000 ft an was sucked in the engines which caused them to cease and apparently have one heck of a light show. The descended down to 13,000 and were able to restart. Then they climbed again, and they failed again. Then back to 13,000 and restart. Then they shot the approach in jakarta and the windshield was opaque and couldnt see outside, apparently sandblasted from the ash. They relied on the instruments and were able to land safely, quite amazing.