Somebody has to know something.....?


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OK, so today the school brought in a GIV-SP from Net Jets for everybody to look at, and as cool as that was that's not what I'm getting at here. On that GIV and roaming around campus were a LOT of Net Jet guys. The school also had that presentation a couple of weeks back....also in recent days we have had people from I believe US Air sitting in on a number of the ground school classes going on right now (In street clothes of course). Sounds to me like something is going on.....(knocking on wood, fingers crossed, vudu dolls positioned and correctly aligned with the sacrificed chicken). Anybody hear any rumors?
One of the captains for NetJets said his company and FSA were working on a deal for some kind of internship program. That was all he knew or could tell me. I ahve not seen the US Air guys on campus. It is probably not a bad thing, but don't get any hopes especially because of US Air's current financial situation.
Concerning the US Airways, I only saw one person who was a 767 Captain for trans-Atlantic flight who was either head of training or head of 767 training. According to Bill McAleenan, he was here to look at the FlightSafety campus cause he was on the Board of Directors of FlightSafety, Inc. Don't think US Airways is going to hire for awhile since they are going to layoff an additional 300+ pilots this January plus in bankruptcy. As for the NetJets, don't know. The director of training for NetJets International was also here. They both sat in on our CRM III/IV class. Read on different forums that they have alot resumes on file. As for the internship, understand they have 1 or 2 KingAirs for internal flying, not customers, that they are looking for FO at a later date. But numbers would be 1 or 2 students every 6 months or so.
Doug said in another post that the least senior pilot at US Airways has been there for 16 years. So I am not sure why they would be scoping out FSI .....